Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Nitric Oxide (NO) Detectors Services and Preventative Maintenance Packages

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Nitric Oxide (NO) Detectors

Maintain Mechanical - Prevantative Mechanical Maintenance - Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Nitric Oxide (NO) Detectors

Most property managers understand the necessity for regularly tested and maintained CO (Carbon Monoxide) and NO (Nitric Oxide) detectors.

Similar to smoke alarm and fire protection systems, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide detectors are critical to maintain and test on regular schedules in your building.

Tracking the replacement of your CO and NO detectors is critical. These units do have a life span, and our online dashboard to allow property managers and boards to view the maintenance that was done is often reiterated by our clients as a large benefit for using Maintain Mechanical.

Our base package starts with a simple inspection to monitor for alarms that may have already occurred to identify if there are already issues occurring.

Our most common package is to also come in and test the alarms to ensure that everything is in proper working condition.

Our premium service takes this a step further to ensure that automation and connections are occurring between your make-up air units and exhaust fans.

Bronze Package

  • Visually inspect monitors for alarms

Silver Package

  • Test and calibrate monitors annually

Gold Package

  • Full operational checks including interlock between make-up air and exhaust fans

What is preventative maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, preventative maintenance does not equate to stopping equipment failures and unexpected repairs. It would be dishonest of us to say that no repairs on equipment will be necessary in the future. Preventative maintenance is required to ensure that a building’s equipment reaches its intended lifespan. Our role is to highlight small deficiencies or design oversights before they become larger and more costly problems. Preventative maintenance on building equipment can be compared to the maintenance of a vehicle; it’s far cheaper and safer to inspect and replace a car’s brake pads when required rather than leaving it until other parts of the braking system are affected.