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Pumps are used in many different mechanical systems in your building, and one of the most commonly overlooked components in your mechanical room.

Whether it is on your boiler, HVAC, refrigeration, water, gas or other system, pumps are extremely important to the overall effectiveness of all of your mechanical systems in your building.

Pump related preventative maintenance, as suggested by the manufacturer’s guidelines, is the minimum acceptable standard. Much like building codes, the manufacturer’s guidelines help to ensure that any building equipment reaches its intended lifespan.

Not following preventative maintenance schedules on your pumps and other mechanical systems, means that equipment will often fail sooner than anticipated and may even void manufacturer’s warranties.

Replacing failed components or equipment can have a drastic impact on reserve funds set aside for emergencies. Insufficient funds in a reserve fund may result in a special assessment or increased condo fees, which may lead to a decrease in property values.

At Maintain Mechanical, we decided to go a different route from most vendors. Instead of providing one price to complete preventative maintenance, we have decided to offer three packages: bronze, silver, and gold for every preventative maintenance option including your pump maintenance.

With these three packages, Maintain Mechanical can offer a wide variety of services at affordable rates. Owners and boards can review our proposal and decide which package suits the building’s requirements best.

Some owners and boards prefer to limit preventative maintenance in order to limit costs and only repair equipment when absolutely required, while others tend to be more proactive in an attempt to lower costs overall. Although we cannot tell anyone which path is best for any individual’s situation and philosophy, we do know that history has shown that proactive maintenance of mechanical equipment lowers costs in the long term. Rest assured, no matter what the choice, Maintain Mechanical is here to help.

Our pre-built packages for pump maintenance are :

Bronze Package

  • Check amperage draw
  • Ensure pump operation
  • Verify correct rotation
  • Check incoming voltage
  • Visually inspect for leaks
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Manually cycle pumps, if applicable

Silver Package

  • Oil or grease, as required
  • Check pressure differential, if possible
  • Check pump strainer differential, if possible
  • Check motor casing and shaft temperatures
  • Remove dust from fan housing, if applicable

Gold Package

  • Wipe down pump and clean all surfaces
  • Dis-assemble and clean strainer, as required
  • Remove dust from variable frequency drive (V.F.D.)
  • Check decibels (dB) levels to monitor bearing failure
  • Rotate powerhead to optimal orientation, if applicable

Most commonly, buildings in Alberta are using various types of centrifugal pumps, especially in HVAC and Refrigeration systems. There are two main families of centrifugal pumps.

  1. End suction pumps
  2. In-line pumps

These two families differ on the path the fluid or gas takes from the inlet to the outlet. In the end-suction pumps, the fluid enters the pump at the impeller and exits the pump at a 90 degree angle from the inlet. The in-line pumps have parallel inlets and outlets.

No matter the pump type that is in your building, our trained and skilled technicians can find a package that is best suited to your requirements.

Contact Maintain Mechanical today to get a custom quote and to find out more about our packages. Below, is also a list of our most common packaged preventative maintenance options. By clicking on one of these options you will see more information including what is offered in each package.

What is preventative maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, preventative maintenance does not equate to stopping equipment failures and unexpected repairs. It would be dishonest of us to say that no repairs on equipment will be necessary in the future. Preventative maintenance is required to ensure that a building’s equipment reaches its intended lifespan. Our role is to highlight small deficiencies or design oversights before they become larger and more costly problems. Preventative maintenance on building equipment can be compared to the maintenance of a vehicle; it’s far cheaper and safer to inspect and replace a car’s brake pads when required rather than leaving it until other parts of the braking system are affected.