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Mixing Valve Maintenance is something that is often not though of, but is actually a critical component of maintaining your mechanical systems in your building.

Ignore for a second, the obvious side of mixing valve maintenance, that if the valve seizes or starts to leak you can have a large issue with your system.

Instead, let’s focus on the more important issue which actually is tied more to health and safety.

Especially in hot water tanks, the temperature of the water is set at a specific temperature to ensure that bacteria can not thrive. The issue is that the valves leaving the boilers have a different temperature requirement for proper function and safety.

Ensuring that bacteria is not thriving in the mixing valve as the last line of defense after leaving the hot water tank, is one of the highest benefits of mixing valve maintenance.

Whether you are in Calgary, or Edmonton, our specialists can help ensure your product is in perfect working condition, and is safe, healthy and stable for the benefit of your building.

A properly maintained and adjusted mixing valve can reduce your overhead and utility costs by ensuring your system is not just functional, but is running optimally.

At Maintain Mechanical, we decided to go a different route from most vendors. Instead of providing one price to complete preventative maintenance, we have decided to offer three packages: bronze, silver, and gold for every preventative maintenance option including your mixing valve maintenance.

With these three packages, Maintain Mechanical can offer a wide variety of services at affordable rates. Owners and boards can review our proposal and decide which package suits the building’s requirements best.

Bronze Package

  • Visually inspect for leaks
  • Inspect all electrical connections

Silver Package

  • Review controller and set points
  • Stroke valve to ensure proper operation

Gold Package

  • Check amperage draw
  • Check incoming voltage
  • Wipe down mixing valve
  • Remove al dust from electrical components

No matter the mixing valve that is in your building, our trained and skilled technicians can find a package that is best suited to your requirements.

Contact Maintain Mechanical today to get a custom quote and to find out more about our packages. Above, is also a list of our most common packaged preventative maintenance options.

What is preventative maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, preventative maintenance does not equate to stopping equipment failures and unexpected repairs. It would be dishonest of us to say that no repairs on equipment will be necessary in the future. Preventative maintenance is required to ensure that a building’s equipment reaches its intended lifespan. Our role is to highlight small deficiencies or design oversights before they become larger and more costly problems. Preventative maintenance on building equipment can be compared to the maintenance of a vehicle; it’s far cheaper and safer to inspect and replace a car’s brake pads when required rather than leaving it until other parts of the braking system are affected.